Tenmiles DAPP
Tenmiles is a cooperative for sustainable urban and rural living, initiated and established by the NTHU Regional Innovation Center.
I participated in the establishment of the cooperative initiated by NTHU RIC and was responsible for developing the cooperative's app and management platform. We utilized Cosmos API to establish cryptocurrency as a payment flow, and combined it with Industrial Technology Research Institute's smart locker to manage logistics.
Vue3、PWA、Strapi、Cosmos API、XMPP
Daniel (Developer)
My Role
Frontend Developer
Dec 2021 - Present
(about 1 year 3 months)
Project Goals
  1. Designed a financial system by issuing cryptocurrencies as a community currency using blockchain technology.
  2. Established a logistics system by integrating smart lockers.
  3. Established an information flow by integrating member functions, bookcrossing, second-hand markets, and other services into the APP.
Technology Stack
The cooperative is still exploring the operational mode of the platform, with the goal of quickly building services and conducting MVP testing.
  1. Strapi is used as the backend to quickly build the database and API services.
  2. Cosmos API is used for blockchain development, and we issue the t-Coin (TCN) cryptocurrency.
  3. XMPP is adopted for communication technology.
  4. Vue PWA is used for frontend development of the app service.
Core Functions
1. Payment
Users can easily transfer TCN through the Tenmiles APP or purchase items with it.
We also provide exchange services so that users can deposit TCN or exchange it back to New Taiwan Dollars.
2. Second-hand Market
Users can post second-hand items on the platform, and these items can be exchanged at smart lockers as pick-up points and traded using TCN.
3. Bookcrossing
Users can release their books on the platform for other people to find, and the system will track where they go. Certainly, users may have to pay a little TCN to get the book.
  1. The cooperative was officially established on March 18, 2023, and has raised up to 700,000 NT dollars of share capital.
  2. Currently, there are around 130 members in the cooperative.