Hi there! I'm Jenson
🎓 NTHU Service Science
🖥️ Software Engineer
I am a problem solver who enjoys tackling technical challenges and business problems. During my time in graduate school, I took on various challenges and projects. I co-founded Horizone with my partners, taking on consulting projects for startups, helping businesses build their official websites, developing an elderly exercise platform, and assisting schools in streamlining processes and technology transformation.
During my R&D substitute service, I achieved several accomplishments that I am proud of. I spent around four years with the RIC team to build a sustainable data flow platform for universities, which has recently been successfully commercialized as a product, providing solutions to other schools.
In my spare time, I love to travel and experience life. These experiences often provide me with inspiration to create better products.
Life Experiences 🎉
ASUS Think Next Workshop
Serve as a facilitator for ASUS workshops
SDGs Academic Paper Award
Received a paper award when I was serving in the military
Sun Moon Lake
I really like it here, especially the black tea
My Alpaca Friend
The alpaca is called "Little Tangyuan"
2023 Taiwan Lantern Festival
Brilliant Light of the Jade Hare
Eating delicious food is my way of relieving stress