LINE ID:@nthuchatbot
Under the Smart Campus project of the Student Affairs Office, my team and I developed a school LINE BOT. We assisted the Student Affairs Office in promoting campus epidemic policies and organizing freshmen orientation activities.
Vue、Vuex、Golang Gin、Python Flask、MongoDB、GKE K8S、GitLab CI/CD、LINE SDK、LINE LIFF、Web Crawler
Hsuan-Yu Chen (Data Engineer)
Nien-Hsin Wu (UI Designer)
Tse-Hsien Wu (Developer)
Tse-Hsien Wu (Developer)
My Role
Project Management
Full-stack Developer
Nov 2019 - July 2022
(2 years and 8 months)
Project Goals
  1. Built the official LINE BOT for Tsing-Hua University, integrating campus information.
  2. Established a management platform to assist the Office of Student Affairs in disseminating epidemic policies and event information.
  3. Assisted in the management of freshman orientation activities.
Project Overview
Requirements Gathering
Interviewed the Student Affairs Office and students to understand what information the school would like to convey through the platform and the features that students expect.
We used CJM and Persona to continuously analyze user experience and achieve the goal of "User Center Design."
System Architecture
The system is mainly divided into three parts:
  1. Using Python Flask integrated with LINE SDK to build LINE Chatbot service.
  2. Using Golang Gin Restful API to provide data processing and access services.
  3. Using Vue to build the backstage system for the management team.
Integration of Frontend and LINE LIFF
The frontend website design of this project is performed in a responsive web design (RWD) manner and integrated with LINE LIFF, enabling functions to be operated directly within the LINE APP without the need to jump out.
Core Functions
1. Campus Information
The chatbot provides integrated campus information such as shuttle bus schedule, epidemic prevention information, campus map, work-study recruitment, etc. You can easily access the information by using LINE.
2. Freshmen Camp Management
  • Management of 2,400 new students
  • Sign-in, temperature recording, team-building activities, and course selection for new students.
  1. 4,245 friends on the account
  2. Nearly a thousand click events per day on average (as of early 2020).