LetWeCare - Senior Fitness Course Platform
LetWeCare is a social enterprise that cares for the elderly population. Its core service is to assist retired individuals in enriching their third stage of life.
I collaborated with LetWeCare, a social enterprise that cares about the elderly, to build a platform for senior fitness courses. We also aim to establish a community of senior fitness coaches on the platform, so that coaches can share teaching experiences and improve the quality of their fitness instruction.
Vue3、PWA、Pinia、TypeScript、Python Fastapi、MongoDB、Docker Swarm、LINE SDK、LINE LIFF
Sin-Bei Tsai (UI Designer)
My Role
Full-stack Developer
June 2022 - Present
(10 months)
Project Goals
  1. Assisted LetWaCare to manage classes and teaching staff easily.
  2. Established a database of teaching materials and learning resources.
  3. Created an age-friendly information platform and increased students' engagement to exercise classes.
The Challenge
How to design a system that is easy for elderly people to operate and can assist instructors in completing class tasks?
Project Overview
Technical Choices
On the member side, LINE, the most familiar messaging app for seniors, was chosen as the carrier, and complex functions were implemented through LINE LIFF.
On the management side (for administrators, assistants, and coaches), Vue and PWA technology was used to develop a cross-platform mobile app, allowing management to quickly view attendance status or historical records during classes.
Through the LINE SDK, we can obtain users' login information and provide website functionality on LINE.
Vue combined Service Worker to implement PWA, and the user can click "Add to Home Screen" to complete the APP installation.
UIUX Design
In terms of interface design, we followed the senior-friendly UX Guideline as a reference:
  • Enlarged font size
  • Reduced color saturation
  • Clear page location indication
  • One-page, one-task
  • Reduced use of icons
Increasing User Engagement
In order to increase user engagement, we focused on "sense of achievement" as our research theme, and designed multiple experimental scenarios, including achievement medals for completing exercises, certificates for class exercise statistics, and an album for accumulating exercise weight and photos.
The research results showed that the "album collection" feature has a great attraction for the elderly, as they like to share photos of their classes in group chats. On the other hand, medals and certificates did not have much appeal to the elderly.
Core Functions
1. Class Management
Administrator can create and build classes and lessons, and manage attendance, class content, set class announcements, and push LINE messages from the platform.
2. Learning Progress Statistics Panel
Present a record panel of each student's blood pressure and other related records from each class, to understand the changes in their physical condition before and after class. Students can also check their relevant statistics to understand their own class performance.
3. Attendance and Blood Pressure Measurement
Before and after class, we can take the attendance and input blood pressure record through a LINE BOT, and the backend can synchronize the information.
4. Album
During class, assistants can take photos of each student and upload them to the photo album collection from the backend. Students can use the LINE BOT to easily share photos with friends.
  1. Classes that have introduced this system in 2022 will renew the course for all members.
  2. The system has been successfully imported into four classes.