Dent&Co Online Appointment System Service Design
The Horizone team assisted Dent&Co in building a dental appointment platform. We helped Dent&Co clarify customer needs and design a more user-friendly online dental appointment platform through field research, requirement exploration, and innovation workshops.
Menghan Huang(UX Researcher)
Pei-Hsuan Chiu(UX Researcher)
Alex Chen(UI Designer
My Role
Frontend Developer
Jun 2020 - Sep 2020
(1 year)
Due to the difficulties encountered in promotion and usage of the current LINE appointment system, customers desired that all reservation steps be completed on a webpage.
The Challenge
Dent&Co Platform was a two-sided platform with a high level of complexity due to the involvement of rapidly changing startup teams and the medical industrys.
After a consensus meeting, we identified two problems that Dent&Co was facing at the time:
  1. The old version of the website was unable to meet Dent&Co's expectations for reservation functionality.
  2. There was insufficient understanding of the needs of B2B users in Dent&Co.
Exploration Phase
Desktop research
field observation
In-depth interviews
Prototype Iteration
User story
Delivery Phase
Affinity diagram
Innovation matrix
User journey map
User Research
Preliminary Research
For unfamiliar medical fields, we decided to use a observation approach to understand how users actually use the product. At first, Dent&Co was inclined to skip the preliminary research, but after we explained the value of preliminary research, Dent&Co eventually agreed to introduce us to clinics to conduct visits.
Future Dental Smart Workshop
We have planned an innovative workshop and invited dentists, dental assistants, and platform developers to participate together. Through communication, we aim to make the description of requirements more clear.
Service Consultant Report
The team used an affinity diagram to sort through the contents of preliminary research and workshop outputs, and based on these contents, produced innovative matrices, persona profiles, and design proposals to complete the final service consultant report.
Design Delivery
The service consultant report presented three design proposals, each with a complete concept description (including concept diagrams, concept features, and concept origins), and provided service scripts and design details based on the design proposals.
Subsequently, Dent&Co referred to our design proposals and launched their new website in December 2020.
  • The growth rate of the number of users using the doctor searching function increased by 466.6%.
  • The growth rate of completing appointments online increased by 299.3%.
Original Design
Our Design
Online Appointment
  • Accurate selection of appointment items
  • Added popular treatment item tags
Clinic and Doctor Pages
  • Adjusted presentation of business information
  • Doctor's specialized treatment items
  • Doctor's column and health education
Reflections on Dent&Co Start-up Project
During the collaboration, I observed two characteristics of early-stage startup teams:
  1. Service context was very vague.
  2. Employee turnover rate was high.
Therefore, defining a clear service context is essential to meet the rapid iteration needs of startups. In addition, high employee turnover was one of the challenges during the collaboration. When employees who supported the introduction of service design left, it was necessary to find other supporters within the organization to ensure project progress and quality.